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Are you looking to move to a smaller community north of Saskatoon?  Check out these links for more information.  Or feel free to contact me with any questions.



This small and growing city is about 12 minutes north of Saskatoon on divided highway #11, and is now just over 11,000 people, and has many amenities.   There are four schools, multiple restaurants, churches, and shopping.  Warman is also home to the beautiful Legends Golf Club, and the The Legends Centre, plus much more!

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If you’re looking for small town living, this is the place for you!  A town of approximately 1200 people, it is very family friendly and is right next to Warman.  About 15 minutes north of Saskatoon, also on highway #11.  It has amenities like a grocery store, fuel, restaurant, and multiple churches.

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This small but growing city is only about a 10 minute drive to Saskatoon on divided highway #12. It has many amenities, including restaurants, shopping, churches, parks, an outdoor pool/slides, and more!

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This beautiful community of approximately 1900 people is only about 15 minutes northwest of Saskatoon. This is also a town of friendly, family minded people. There are schools, churches, shopping and more!

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